Thursday, August 21, 2008

Corrective Measures for Self-Sabotage

I've been talking about self-sabotage.

When you feel yourself heading down a worn and familiar but not very friendly path, there are things you can do to halt, turn around, and snatch back a positive psyche. In on particular order, except I do suggest starting with the first item on the list:


Take a long, luxurious soak in a warm bath.

Sing worship songs.

Read a devotional book.

Listen to thumping, gotta-get-out-of-your-seat-and-dance gospel music. Kirk Franklin comes to mind.

Spend some time around children. Not caring for them but watching them.

Connect with a friend with whom you are 100% transparent. Let it out if you need to, then have them pray with you.

Do something that makes you feel good, like baking a cake, planting flowers in a garden, strolling on a beach, etc.

Take the focus off you and do something nice--and unexpected--for someone else.

Write a letter to someone you haven't been in touch with for a while.

Look at photographs of memorable and happy times.

Eliminate the triggers that are contributing to your downfall. (In my case, that might mean getting out of the house and away from readily-accessible food for a while.)

Try something new you've always wanted to do, like a new recipe or a new hairstyle.

Sing. (Out. Loud.)

Go for a walk. (Great time for that singing or praying or even better, listening.)

Take a nap.

Do whatever it takes to break the negative thoughts going on in your head or to cease the negative actions you are in the middle of taking.

Peace & Blessings,

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