Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wednesday Worship: It Is Well

The music at the Women of Faith conference was awesome.

Although I was familiar with both Nicole C. Mullen and Natalie Grant, I wouldn't have called myself a fan.

I do now.

Both women were just astounding in their energy, their vocal ability and their heartfelt worship.

So it's fitting to share them with you.  Today, Natalie Grant singing "It Is Well".

I was so astounded I didn't actually record her singing in Tampa.  From the moment she began, I was caught up in worship. 

This video is from a different city, but the best one I could find online.  The experience was very similar. 

Ignore that this clip was shot from a distance and starts into the song.  At least this woman had the presence of mind to record something.

Close your eyes and listen.  Tell me that you don't get chills. 

Off to find a Natalie Grant CD...

Peace & Blessings,


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