Friday, October 21, 2011

Are You Angry?


Anger is dangerous.  It's hurtful and devastating to those we love.  To ourselves.

Nicole Johnson told us anger is unique for women.  Women find it hard to admit to being angry.  When asked, "What's wrong?", we often reply, "Nothing", internalizing rather than expressing the anger.

I know that's true for me.  I will go so far as to say I'm hurt or disappointed, but I realized I rarely ever admit to being angry.

But Nicole also told us, "Anger is never buried dead.  It's always alive."

Anger lies in wait, for just the right moment--or I should say, for just the wrong moment--to explode.  It erupts and overflows like hot lava, spilling onto everyone and everything in its path.

As Nicole continued to teach about anger, she told us that we have as much right to be angry as we do be thirsty.  Anger is made up of hurt, fear and frustration, the frustration simmering on the top.

It's what we do with the anger.

Nicole continued to share about dealing with anger, using her divorce as an object lesson, but she was three things that will stay with me:

"You need people who will walk alongside you, not throw rocks at you."

"No other God has wounds."

"God has the best recycling program.  He takes the trash of our lives and turns it into treasure.  He sees what we cannot see for ourselves.  He turns us in the most beautiful creations."

Are you angry?  Who are you angry with, is it God?  Where are you directing your anger?

Can you see yourself letting go of that anger, giving it to God?

He is happy to take your anger from you.


Gwen Stewart said...

Ooooh, what a good post, Patricia. You had me at saying "nothing"...(I do say that to my hubby when I'm angry...guilty as charged. oops.)

You're right in that admitting anger to our Heavenly Father is the first step to dispelling it. I'm not angry at the moment, more like...wondering about things. But I have to take care that doesn't turn in to anger.

May God bless you richly this weekend!

PatriciaW said...

Me too, Gwen. The "wondering" stage is a good time to reflect and take action when there''s less emotion and perhaps volatility on the table. We all get angry, we just don't all deal with it well.