Friday, April 24, 2009

Rev. Timothy Wright Has Passed On

Rev. Timothy Wright, pastor of Brooklyn's Grace Tabernacle Christian Center Church of God in Christ died early this morning. He was 61 years old.

Rev. Wright succumbed to the injuries incurred during a car accident that occurred last year when he was returning home from a denominational music conference. His wife and grandson were also in the car and died at that time.

Rev. Timothy Wright, or "Timmy" as my mother-in-law often refers him, both of them Brooklyn-born and raised and long-time members of the COGIC denomination, will be long known for his rousing, easy-to-learn gospel songs that were popular with choirs across the nation.

You Must Come In At The Door is not one of his originals but, it has the same high-energy style and he recorded it on one of his later albums. Here is Rev. Timothy Wright in a live performance:

My prayers go out to the family of Rev. Timothy Wright and to the Grace Tabernacle church.

Peace & Blessings,


Chicki said...

I LOVE that song! Rev. Wright's passing is a great loss for the gospel world, but a gain for the Kingdom of Heaven.

He probably didn't have the fight left in him once he found out about his wife and grandson.

PatriciaW said...

He learned of the other deaths not long after the accident happened, but his injuries were just too much.