Friday, January 23, 2009

Savoring the (Little) Successes

One thing I'm learning to do with this weight loss journey is to savor the mini successes.

And sometimes they are truly miniature but hey, every one counts.

Like losing a pound, or maybe only half a pound.

Like my ankles looking thinner (at least looking down at them).

Like the waistband on my pants fitting better.

Like being able to make a fist and my hands not feeling puffy.

Like walking up the stairs and not breathing hard.

Like being able to stand up for a long time and not feel stress in my lower back.

I try to savor these moments. I even close my eyes at the moment of realization and try to file away the feeling. Because in the rough moments when I don't see results, I try to recall these little successes.

Down 9 lbs since Christmas. Gotta stay focused and keep working hard.

Peace & Blessings,


Chicki said...

Each one of those things is a victory! Celebrate your accomplishments -- but not with food.

Lady Downsize! said...

First, way to go with 9 pounds! How exciting is that? Those moments you savor, I do to. In fact, now that I know them, have lost them, and now find them coming back, I devour them!