Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Making Lemonade

The year has begun with some personal challenges I should have seen coming but I didn't, in part because I was in denial about some things.

But I'm handling it. Years ago, though even then I loved the Lord, my initial reaction was to crumble, then pray when unexpected things happen. Now I take a deep breath, then pray.

I'm pleased that I don't crumble anymore. I wish could say my response is perfect but it's not. I still get queasiness in my stomach and my mood sours, in a quiet, not nasty, kind of way.

But I've truly learned to make lemonade out of difficult circumstances.

Part of that learning comes from personal experience. God has brought me through some things over the year. When that happens enough, you surely begin to trust Him to bring you through again.

I know what's important. The things that used to knock me off my axis but don't anymore are temporal. Short-term. Passing.

Granted, until these things pass, life can be difficult, inconvenient, even overwhelming in moments. But again, I take a deep breath, which allows me to shake off the willies and the moodiness, and I pray.

I pray for peace.

I pray for sound mind and clear judgment.

I pray for open heart and listening ears to hear God.

I pray for the specifics of the situation.

In this case, while I wait on God, I find myself with unexpected time on my hands. I've cleaned my sons' bedroom, organizing and reshelving all of their books. I've cleaned out their closet. I mopped the tile floor which covers our entire first level. I've played basketball with my two youngest. I've exercised for an hour every day and I've walked about ten miles. I've kept my commitment to my writing, writing every day. I've gotten sleep.

I haven't kept up with email so when I have an opportunity to get to it, it will be a bear. (The computer I'm working on likes Blogger but not Yahoo so much.)

I hope this year is starting off on a high note for you all. But if it's not, don't get depressed, anxious, or angry. Center yourself and get prayerful. God is still a waymaker.

Peace & Blessings,

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