Monday, December 1, 2008

Today Is A New Day

Seems like I'm always starting anew, whether it's with consistent Bible study, fiction writing, weight loss, exercise...

But that's okay because the fact that I'm always willing to start again means that I never give up.

From what I've learned, some of the greatest successes others have achieved came after many, many false starts.

So once again, I am starting on a new exercise regimen. Three days a week strength training minimum. Two days a week cardio. No less than 45 minutes per workout.

I bought a new set of hand weights to help boost my strength workouts.

I cut my hair really short, in part due to damage but in part so that I can exercise and not worry so much about perspiration.

I would have gotten up 45 min earlier this morning, as intended, but I forgot that I had disabled my early AM alarms over the holiday weekend. Nonetheless, I did get in 20 min.

Today is my new day. No sense in waiting until January. I gave up on making New Year's resolutions a while back because I believe it's a recipe for disaster, in my case.

I'm going for a loss of 10 lbs. this month. That's my focus.

What does December hold for you? What are you putting off that you can begin today?

Peace & Blessings,