Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Giving and Getting Involved

Walking into Wal-mart with my youngest a few evenings ago, we heard the clanging of the Salvation Army bells. He asked, "Mommy, who's making that noise? What's he doing?" In my usual hustle and bustle fashion, I kept focused and kept him moving into the store, skirting behind the SA Santa Claus, so that we could quickly get what we came for. On the way out, however, I made sure that we passed in front of Santa and dropped something in the bucket. Youngest One, just three years old, said, "Mommy, what are you doing? Why you give Santa Claus that?" I explained that Santa was collecting money for people who need help. Then I said, "Hey, at times we all need help. So it's important to give." He nodded, satisfied with this answer.

In this Christmas season, we see a lot of people giving more and helping more than during the rest of the year. But help is needed all year long, not just at the end of the year.

As we head into 2009, keep in mind the charities which do so much in communities throughout the country, like The Salvation Army, the Red Cross, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Feed The Hungry, or any one of the host of agencies raising money for medical research, battered women shelters, homelessness, fighting poverty, etc. Give an extra special blessing to your church to help provide for needy members or neighbors. And, if you are not already, get personally involved beyond writing a check or dropping some cash in a bucket.

I just learned of a new organization that will help many to get involved: The Human Unity Project. Check it out, or any host of a number of local and national organizations, and get involved. the only time you don't have is the time you waste...doing nothing.

UPDATE: And just after posting this, I learned of the new America Serves initiative by the Obama-Biden Transition team. The intent is to get all of America back to a mindset and practice of serving, serving the nation, our regions, our cities, our neighborhoods. Sign up for America Serves.

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Wanza Leftwich, The Gospel Writer said...

I've been thinking a lot about finding an organization to give to on a monthly basis (besides my church). I'm looking into an organizaiton called www.Compassion.com. It was recommended highly.

Thanks for the reminder.

Chicki said...

Since I'm not employed, my giving beyond my tithes and offerings is limited. I was able to donate to Hosea Feed the Hungry, an organization started by Hosea Williams, a contemporary of Dr. King. For decades this group, now lead by Hosea's daughter, Elizabeth, feeds tens of thousands of hungry Atlantans at Turner Field year round. Their big dinners are Dr. King's Birthday, Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas when they also give out clothing, provide showers, medical and barber services. It's awesome!

Anyone who would like to make a donation can read about it here:

Patricia W. said...

All donations, no matter how small, count. And many of these organizations would appreciate our time and ideas as much as our money. So give up, everyone!