Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Midweek Worship: Praise Him Now

Kierra "KiKi" Sheard, daughter of Karen Clark Sheard, has come a long way since her little girl-big voice cameos on her mother's albums. These days she's an anointed gospel singer in her own right.

Kierra sings a lot of upbeat, hip-hop infused songs but this one really speaks to my soul.

Sometimes there's so much going on in life, especially my life, that it feels like one big season of busyness. As we move closer toward Christmas and the end of the year, it gets worse. I have to catch myself and remind myself to stop and enjoy the moment rather than to just move through it to get to the next one. And I definitely have to still myself and remember to "Praise Him Now".

UPDATE: The original video link I had was removed from YouTube. So I found another, earlier one of Kierra singing, "Praise Him Now".

Peace & Blessings,


Chicki said...

It says the video has been removed from YouTube.

Patricia W. said...

Ooooh... didn't know that. I've got these worship posts prepackaged for weeks, just adding in notes right before posting.

I'll find another one.

Patricia W. said...

Video has been updated.