Monday, October 20, 2008

Weekly Check-in: October 20, 2008

Week of October 13, 2008:

Weight Loss: None.
Not sure. Didn't weigh myself this AM. Didn't want to know.

Average water per day: 2 cups. Notice
I'm trending down. Not good.

Number of exercise days: 3

Total min exercised: 90 min (avg of 30 min per day)


Still struggling with the October blues. I haven't exercised since the middle of last week. I did walk for about 5 hours this weekend, canvassing for Sen. Obama.

Thank God it's election season or I'd be a big blob on the couch!

I also just finished walking a couple of times around the perimeter of the parking lot with one of my co-workers. Now that the temps have dropped to a comfortable low 80s, we are resuming our daily walks.

If only exercise were the only problem...

Eating. As in, eating every thing in sight. That's my other problem.

So far, so good today. If I get through this evening without pigging out and I exercise tomorrow AM, those will be good first steps to getting back on track. Before the holidays kick in.

The real problem is that I just have not turned this whole weight loss thing over to God. I know I haven't or I wouldn't be still struggling with it, up and down, over and over, as I have been for the past 20 years.

Clearly I have some Israelite in me.

Perhaps I should start there...

Peace & Blessings,


conarnold said...

It is so hard to let go and let God handle what we have trouble dealing with ourselves! We all have our weaknesses and need God's help but are reluctant to let go of control. I understand, although my weaknesses are in different areas. I'll say a prayer for you!

Patricia W. said...

Thanks Connie! I can use all the prayers I can get. I will be victorious over my weight and my health but I'm clear I need to submit on yet another level I haven't gotten to yet.

Chicki said...

Don't give up, Patricia. You probably needs to crank up the INTENSITY of the exercise and give your diet a hard look for hidden calories. Often for women we eat hundreds of calories in salad dressing and wonder why we don't lose weight because we ate a salad.

I've been stuck too. And I drink gallons of water ...

One problem is that I couldn't exercise because of the knee, but since I went for prayer the pain is gone. Hallelujah! I'm still going for the MRI today because the orthopedist wants to be sure I didn't tear anything.

Hopefully I'll be able to get going on the treadmill again at the same time my chiropractor puts me on her detox plan.