Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Weekly Check-in: September 30, 2008

Ooops! I completely forgot to check in yesterday!

I'd love to say it was innocent but I know better. Trust me, if I'd had something to crow about, I'd have checked in!

Week of September 22, 2008:
Weight Loss: +1.5 lbs.

Average water per day: 4 cups

Number of exercise days: 5

Total min exercised: 150 min (avg of 30 min per day)

Still running high in body temp, thanks to the B12 tablets, but my eating was off. First there was my Middle Son's birthday cake. Then, I found myself snacking. Not unusual for the beginning of a monthly cycle. It always sneaks up on me and then I realize I've been snacking a bit more for the last day or two than I had been.

I'm curious as to whether anyone has studied women's weight loss efforts and how they are impacted by menstruation. I'm sure someone has. Not only do I snack more, I also have to fight more to exercise. I'm just not into anything but curling up in bed, which I don't get to do, so I do what I minimally have to do, at least the first couple of days.

But now that that's over, I don't have any more excuses. I need to stop eating the cookies I baked in a moment of weakness.

And I need to rev up my exercise. I didn't do anything this morning!

But, in addition to working out Mon-Fri last week, I did walk for almost four hours on Saturday, canvassing for my favorite presidential candidate, Sen. Barack Obama.

Talk about tired? I could barely move on Sunday and I was still aching on Monday.

The middle-aged body just doesn't bounce back quite as quickly.

I'm claiming a good week for the remainder of this one, getting back down to last week's weight.

What about you?

Peace & Blessings,


Chicki said...

You've been so busy I guess you didn't see the People magazine special last night, "Half Their Size." Every year People does an issue focusing on a group of people who've lost a lot of weight. This year they decided to put it on TV as well.

The eight people they chose this year were from Mississippi, because that state was rated as "the fattest in the nation." Each one was assigned a nutritionist and a personal trainer, and it was amazing to see how differently their bodies responded to the low carb/high protein diet and intense workout program.

One of the women chose to forego the trainer and workout on her own. She lost close to 40 pounds in nine months. One of the other women worked out with the trainer, stuck to the diet and only lost 19 pounds. She had a good attitude about it, but I felt so sorry for her because she worked SO hard.

Patricia W. said...

You're right. I did miss it. (Baseball practice followed by a trip to the campaign office.)

I wonder whether they'll repeat it, maybe on one of the sister channels.

That's the thing. You can do EVERYTHING right and still it may not work. It's like there's a unique secret for each of us that's hard as the dickens to uncover but once you do, it works magic!