Monday, September 15, 2008

Weekly Check-in: September 15, 2008

Week of September 1, 2008:
Weight Loss: 0 lbs.

Average water per day: 2-3 cups

Number of exercise days: 5

Total min exercised: 150 min (avg of 30 min per day)

Sorry I'm so late posting today but it took me this long to wake up! Never mind that I've been at work since 9.

I have a 3 yo who would not sleep thru the night this past weekend. "I'm hungry." "My stomach hurts." "I'm thirsty." Things that required actually opening my eyes and putting my feet on the floor.

Perhaps tonight I could tie him down or bribe him with an extra cookie after dinner?

Pray for us.

My third straight zero-lb-weight-loss week. But still not getting down on myself.

I think my body is adjusting. To what, I'm not sure. LOL!

Could be those B12 tablets that are (no exaggeration here) like 40,000% of the daily recommended dosage. Guess my doctor was really serious about getting a major change within a month. Good news is that the body doesn't store B12. Whatever isn't utilized is flushed out of the body.

Could be switching my lunch and dinner meals. In theory, this is a great idea. In practice? Easier said than done. Because although I kind of like finishing off the day with a salad and I'm definitely not as ravenous when I get home as I used to be, I think that overall I'm consuming more starch than I used to. For me that translates into gaining, not losing, pounds. But since I'm working out consistently, there's been no change.

Then again, could be a response to the antibiotic I'm taking for a minor sinus infection.

Who knows?

Medicine is definitely a mystery to me.

Really gotta get away from the snacks. Did very well during the week. Not so good on Saturday. Lousy on Sunday. But I'm very cognizant, even in the midst of my snack attacks, so there's hope.

How'd you do this week?

Peace & Blessings,

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Chicki said...

Same story here. The mistake I made was going back to eating dinner with my husband at night. He gets in late, and we end up eating at 7-7:30. That's too late for me because I usually don't to ANYTHING physical after that. Evening is my reading/TV time.

I'm going back to eating my heaviest meal at lunchtime. That worked better for me.