Monday, September 22, 2008

Weekly Check-in: September 22, 2008

Week of September 15, 2008:
Weight Loss: -2 lbs. (Woo-hoo!)

Average water per day: 4 cups

Number of exercise days: 4

Total min exercised: 165 min (avg of 41 min per day)

Last week was a good week! I'm down 2 lbs. It was actually 3 lbs in the middle of the week but I ate a little more on the weekend that I probably should have.

I'll take the 2 lbs!

I was soooo hot last week. Not because the temps in FL still run in the mid-90s this time of year or because I've found a way to be fresh, chic, hip or anything faintly resembling that.

Noooo...I was a walking furnace!

Chalk it up to the B12 supplements I'm taking. 41,000% of the daily recommended dosage. Doc said it would rev up my metabolism. I think she was right. The only times I ever felt this warm internally were during pregnancy. (And I am very much not pregnant now or ever again!)

I attribute the weight loss to this and to swapping my lunch and dinner meals. By eating a bigger meal mid-day, I'm less ravenous at dinner time. By eating salad for dinner, I'm comfortable rather than stuffed at bedtime. I like the feeling and will continue eating this way.

I was soooo tired and out of sorts last Monday that I didn't start the week off with exercise. I had hoped to make it up over the weekend but that didn't happen. No big deal. I got off to a good start today.

Let's see whether I can drop another lb this week by simply continuing what I'm doing. No other major changes.

That would be really nice.

How'd you do? What are your goals for the week?

Peace & Blessings,


Chicki said...

I'm finally down one pound, but I haven't been walking on the treadmill as much as I should because of the pain in my knee. A pound is better than nothing, I guess ...

Patricia W. said...

Don't guess, Chicki. A pound is a pound.

One pound lighter.

One pound less to carry.

IOne pound less to worry about.

One pound closer to goal.