Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Mid-week Worship: I Am That I Am

This one is for the young people and anyone who can appreciate a wide variety of musical genres.

Hubby and I introduced our now teenager to Christian rap when he was still a toddler. We were determined that he would not be cut off from the musical style of his generation but that what he listened to had to be uplifting.

When we discovered Christian rap, we were all over it. Even now, Hubby and I enjoy it. In fact, we're excited to see how the genre has evolved and grown over the last decade, with more artists, better production, and more lyrical styles within the genre, from a Northeast sound to a "Dirty South" sound.

Doesn't matter to me because these guys, and a few gals, are serious about praising God in a way that speaks to their generation.

This is an early song by one of my favorite Christian rap artists, The Cross Movement. It's called "I Am That I Am".

Peace & Blessings,


Chicki said...

Cross Movement used to be one of my oldest daughter's favorite groups. I haven't heard anything from them in ages. Are they still together?

Patricia W. said...

Chicki, Cross Movement released their "final" album late last year or early this year. The guys are getting up there in age and want to do other things, including producing some of the newer acts, like Da Truth, Flame, and LeCrae.