Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wednesday Worship: Lift Him Up

I feature a lot of gospel music that I would call worship. The lyrics talk directly to the Father and let Him know that I recognize who He is.

But there are other categories of gospel music. Some songs encourage believers in their walk. Some testify to God's goodness. Some are songs of thanks. Some reiterate the promises of God. Some simply praise God, showing appreciation for all God has done.

This one I would categorizing as both a testimony to God's goodness and a song of praise. It's an old hymn that was rearranged and was a popular gospel song, at least in the NY area, back in the 1970's. Call it a classic.

Benny Cummings and the Kings Temple COGIC Choir singing, "Lift Him Up".

Peace & Blessings,


Chicki said...

I don't remember that one...

Patricia W. said...

You have to go waaaay back for Benny Cummings, Chicki. Like '70s, early '80s. This particular song was huge in the 1976-77 time frame. Wasn't a church or community choir in the NYC metro area that wasn't singing it.