Monday, February 9, 2009

Every Day Counts

Whew! After a week that began with hosting my in-laws during the Superbowl, included my birthday, and ended with a 2nd birthday celebration, I have to get back on the stick!

Last week I did hardly any exercise, drank little water, and pretty much ate whatever I wanted, even if it were in small portions.

This morning, I felt a bit lethargic and I was huffing during my exercise.

Not good!

So it's back to working out consistently, drinking 16+ cups of water a day, and making better food choices (both food items and portion).

When I do, I always feel better and I move closer towards my goals.

This week, I'm doubly motivated because I'm trying to motivate one of my family members too, who needs a little push and maybe a shove. She and I are both striving to drop 2 lbs. this week.

In addition to working out in the mornings before work, I'll need to walk for about an hour at lunch time, drink my water every day (oops! -- I haven't filled up my cup yet), and be pretty strict in terms of what and how much I eat.

But, as I told her, it's not the impossible dream. These things are very doable. It's about being conscious and consistent.

Every day counts.

Are you making every day count as you work toward your goals?

Peace & Blessings,

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Chicki said...

Yeah, my sister's birthday/SuperBowl party messed me up too. I was up a pound, so I'm back on the stick too ...