Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wednesday Worship: I Feel Good

I feel good.

That's a statement, not a question.  It's an affirmation.  It can even be an expression of my desire or motivation if it's not a 100% true right now.

Because sometimes you have to affirm what you are or even what you need and hope to be in order to lift your spirit.

Fred Hammond has a new album out, God, Love & Romance, and the first single is "I Feel Good".  If you don't feel good before you listen, I'm pretty sure you will when you're done.  It's that kind of song.

Makes me think of hot sun, summer, riding in a convertible with the top down sipping from an ice cold water bottle heading to the beach.

Now don't you feel good?  What does the song make you think of?

Peace & Blessings,


1 comment:

Jessica Nelson said...

Heeheee! I like it! Not sure what it makes me think of but it definitely makes me smile. :-)