Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wednesday Worship: Bridge Over Troubled Water, RIP Whitney

There's a quiet place where I can talk to the Lord...

I was very saddened by the death of Whitney Houston for so many reasons.  On some level, I related to Whitney.  We were the same age.  We married less than a year apart, although thank God, my marriage is still in tact.  We had children not far apart.  She was from New Jersey; I'm from New York.

I admired her from afar.  She was the first of my generation to hit superstardom in the music world.  She was gifted to sing and to touch lives through her singing.

I see her music as the soundtrack for my transition into adulthood.  I enjoyed The Bodyguard (movie and soundtrack), but those weren't my favorites.  I enjoyed the dance cuts, the soulful ballads, especially the early ones, seemingly before Trouble, with a capital "T", found Whitney.

And I don't think it's fair to cast all her problems at the feet of Bobby Brown.  Whitney never struck me as someone who was led around by the nose.  She thought for herself and made decisions, big girl decisions, albeit less than constructive ones as times, all by herself.

The world feels slightly less populated without Whitney.  There's definitely a void.

My prayers go out to her family, especially to her mother and to Bobbi Christina.  No parent should have to bury their child.  No child should lose their mother just as she is making her transition into adulthood.

Couldn't pick a favorite Whitney song--there are so many--so I'll share a few.

From The Preacher's Wife soundtrack, I Love the Lord/Joy To the World:

Then there was this early performance on the Arsenio Hall Show with BeBe and CeCe Winans of Hold Up the Light:

Finally, another song with CeCe.  If you've been around her for a bit you know Bridge Over Troubled Water is one of my favorite songs.  What better than to hear Whitney sing it?

Rest in peace, Whitney.  May the Lord bless your daughter, to free her from the demons that stole her mother away from her too soon and to walk confidently and gracefully into the unique destiny that He has for her.

Peace & Blessings,



Therese Walsh said...

Thanks for sharing Bridge Over Troubled Waters, I hadn't heard Whitney and her mother sing that before. Beautiful. So tragic what happened.

Jessica Nelson said...

I didn't relate to Whitney the way you do but I remember growing up my mom adored her. They're the same age. I'm so sad by her's just unreal.
She seemed like a person with such a beautiful heart, despite what she let herself get caught up in.
Beautiful post, Patricia.