Thursday, February 2, 2012

Making My Way Down the Weight Loss Mountain

Time for an update.   Here's how I'm thinking about my weight-loss.  Not an uphill battle, but a downhill desent.

Downhill is far easier than uphill.  If weight loss efforts get too hard, mentally, that is, they're doomed.

Goal weight is a steep mountain, to be sure, but absolutely one I can get down.  Can't run or I'll trip and fall, but if I take careful steps, before I know it, I'll reach my goal to get to goal weight.

Given that, since the beginning of the year, I'd say my progress is pretty good.  Here's how I've done.

Eat Less:  I'm definitely eating less, but consciously so.  Using the MyFitnessPal app on my smartphone is the absolute best way to keep track of and be conscious of not only what I eat but more importantly, how much.  There's a bit of guesswork when the exact food product isn't in the database, and I eyeball my portion sizes rather than weigh and measure, but I'd still say it's 80-85% accurate.  And that's enough to keep me honest.  So since my last post, when I was still slightly up after the holidays, I've dropped a net four pounds.  "Net" four.    From up to down. Just watching what and how much.  No special diet plan.  Still a little too much snacking but I pay for it by not having enough calories left at the end of the day to have an evening snack without going over my daily allotment.  Not bad.  Trending in the right direction.

Move More:  I began using public transportation to commute to work last month.  That alone has me walking more.  But Hubby and I have also been going for longer walks on the weekend, like 3 miles or more.  Definitely more.  Good progress with room for improvement.

Write:  Ah, something had to give.  Actually, I wrote more in January than I did in December, so that's good.  I put my wip aside for a bit to work on a short story, and didn't finish the wip as planned.  Also, back to sharing my laptop with my oldest who has a slew of papers he's working on.  Still, have to push myself to get back into a daily writing routine.  Not beating myself up, but definitely can and have to do better.

How's your progress against your goals going?  If you're with me on this weight loss journey, how's it going? Do you view it as climbing up or coming down the mountain?

Peace & Blessings,


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