Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wednesday Worship: Lord, How I Love You

Lord, my heart is yours
It all belongs to you
I give you all the glory,
Yes, I love You.
I worship and adore
I'm gonna tell you more
Oh oh, Lord, how much I really do love You.

I must have really been going through.  Because I completely missed Fred Hammond's Love Unstoppable CD. I frequently heard and bopped to one song, They That Wait, but considering Hammond is one of my all-time favorite gospel artists, I'm not sure how the rest of the CD slipped by me.  I didn't buy it and I'm not sure why. But I'm listening now and as always, I'm in awe of Hammond's talent.  He's great in a live performance, but he's at his best when he's writing and singing contemporary worship songs.

Lord, How I Love You sings to my soul.

If you're a Fred fan, have a listen and lets cyber-worship together.  If you're not, well, you just might be after hearing this beautiful song.

You are worthy,
I love You...

Peace & Blessings,



Leslie Payne said...

Hi Patricia,
I just found your book blog through the Steve Laube Agency and then visited here.

Thank you for this song - beautiful voice! And now my focus is right for the work I need to do.
Grace & Peace,

Leslie Payne said...

It was the newsletter from Chip McGregor, not Steve.
Sorry Steve. Thanks Chip!

PatriciaW said...

It's all good, Leslie.