Friday, August 14, 2009

Faith Unimaginable?

Still in a season of faith renewal, and looking to God for the unimaginable.

Just what do I mean by "unimaginable"? What does that look like?

That I'll finish a novel manuscript, submit it and get the agent of my dreams who will then sell it to the publisher of my dreams, after which it will become a best-seller, followed by another and another and another...

Odds are against me?

Maybe. But it could happen. So this is only slightly unimaginable.

That I'll be get a brand new car for my family even though everything suggests that's never gonna happen, and that with no money down (and maybe some "Cash for Clunkers", my payments will be lower than I currently pay.

Possible although not probable, but it will happen. Likely in some way that I least imagine.

Okay, maybe those things aren't so daring. How about this? That my brother and my mother, both of whom suffer from multiple sclerosis--my mother for over 40 years--are 100% healed.

What say you to that one?

See, the thing about unimaginable faith is that it is a daring kind of faith. It doesn't ask how or why. Rather it asks "why not?" and doesn't limit itself to the "how's" for which my mind can make sense.

But it's not an illogical kind of faith. Oh noooo...

No, there's nothing illogical about it. It might be, if we didn't have the word of God. But we do.

See, faith in God is preceded by knowing God. It comes from hearing and reading about God's promises and blessings, and by seeing God at work everyday all around us. It's remembering how God blessed Abraham and Sarah with a baby of their own seed, even as they should have been resting in their rocking chairs and eating a diet of soft foods. It's remembering how God first kept, then delivered Daniel from the den of lions that logic says should have destroyed him. Raising Lazarus from the grave. Healing the bleeding woman and the blind man. It's remembering how Christ rose from the grave and reappeared to prove that He had before ascending into heaven.

Don't you know stories of people who have survived horrific car crashes or fires? People who've been healed from fatal diseases, like cancer and even AIDs? Babies who weren't supposed to make it? People who swear they "died" on an operating table yet are walking and talking like you and I?

It's not just remembering, but embracing these and many other unimaginable things. Meditating on the stories and allowing the Holy Spirit to whisper a word into your spirit. For you. Today. In your current situation.

Because when you do, it doesn't seem quite so daring, so ill-conceived, so risky to believe God for BIG things. In fact, you begin to feel as though you are short-changing yourself by not expecting great things.

One of my favorite Scriptures is Jeremiah 29:11 "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

Let me recap:
  • God has a plan for you.

  • God knows what it is.

  • God plans to prosper you.

  • God plans not to harm you.

  • God plans to give you hope.

  • God plans to give you a future.
Isn't that exciting stuff? Knowing this, how can we expect little and accept even less? God is bigger than that.

And I'm not talking simply material things here or even healing. I'm talking peace in the midst of a storm bigger than you've ever experienced. Joy when you are alone in the darkest of places fighting to stay sane and alive.

How big is your faith? Is your faith of the unimaginable variety?

Peace & Blessings,


Stephanie, PQW said...

I'm believing with you. I have seen Him do wondrous things just in my life alone. I live with four miracles and the others are countless.

So getting published is really not such a great leap. I'm in that group with you. Who knows, maybe we'll land the same agent. :-D

PatriciaW said...

Thanks Stephanie! Yes, we'll believe for ourselves and for each other.

Being published traditionally feels like a huge leap right now, as I struggle with my wip, BUT I also have no doubt in my mind that my day is coming. I'd be happy to share my future agent with loads of talented writers like you. :D