Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wednesday Worship (on Thursday) -- Days of Elijah

Boy, I really miss my sons. Two have been with their grandparents for the past two weeks, and one is attending a basketball camp. Just me and Hubby, which is nice...different.

But I've lost track of the days, in part due to them being gone and in part due to being unsettled in some other things. I thought sure yesterday was Tuesday.

Oh well, nothing like a little Wednesday Worship on Thursday. We should worship God each and every day anyway.

My oldest, before hopping off to camp, asked me what the song was for this week. (Didn't know he was following along.) I told him "The Days of Elijah", an old worship favorite. He asked why, and I simply said, "Because that's the song that's in my spirit."

So here it is...The Days of Elijah:

Peace & Blessings,

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Chicki said...

I love this song, but IMO Donnie's version is so much better...