Monday, January 11, 2010

I Worked Out and It Felt Good

I worked out last night. For nearly an hour.

And it felt good.

No New Year's resolution here. (Note, it's January 11th, not the 1st.) Just another step on a very long journey.

I've told myself for years that I couldn't work out in the evenings. Working out gets my juices flowing...and keeps me up at night.

Alas, that still seems to be true, since I was wide awake watching HGTV well after midnight.

But, hey, the morning thing isn't working for me right now. And the weight has been picking up. Slowly. (Isn't that what it always does, creep up on you?)

So I'm thinking, I can kill two birds with one stone. I can get on a treadmill or bike and watch the shows I like on HGTV or the Food Network, and for which I always get outvoted by my four guys, on the overhead TV in the gym. Or, I can sit around with my head in a book, popping over to the pantry every 20 minutes or so and devouring something I have no business eating, frustrated that I'm gaining weight, that I'm not exercising, and and on top of that I'm not watching the TV shows that I want to watch.

No brainer, right?

Not quite. Everything related to weight-loss requires conscious thought on my part. Everything. Every time I eat something, I have at least a passing thought about whether it's good for me, whether I'm really hungry, whether I should be eating at that juncture, etc.

Every time I exercise, I've given it quite a bit of thought, usually having to talk myself into putting on my workout gear, then popping in the DVD or going to the gym or stepping outside for a walk.

I could whine and say it shouldn't be this hard, but I won't. I'm just thankful for every constructive choice I make.

Working out last night, while watching the Iron Chef America "Battle of the Figs" on Food Network, was a constructive choice.

Pray I choose wisely again tonight.

Peace & Blessings,


bettye griffin said...

Wow, nearly an hour! I can't seem to do anything except walk for more than 10 minutes without running out of breath!

You go, girl!

PatriciaW said...

TV watching helps. Takes your mind off the duration. And, I challenged myself by increasing my treadmill speed and inclination significantly during commercial breaks.

Pastor Tarran Carter said...

I just saw a new workout everyone is jumping on (a dance workout).I use to dance and hustle alot and was pretty good at it. Since salvations so I now longer have that workout unless I am rejocing in the Lord.

However, I am thinking about doing some type of dance workout- maybe I'll stick with it.

PatriciaW said...

Tarran, I remember you doing the hustle back in the day. :) If you find out the name of the new workout, let me know.

Carol Benedict said...

Best wishes to you as you work towards your weight-loss goal. My husband and I are struggling to lose weight and develop a healthier lifestyle, too. It's hard.

Sending up a prayer for you.


PatriciaW said...

Thanks Carol! I will never give up in this particular area. Prayers for you and your husband too.