Thursday, January 7, 2010

Can Megachurches Bridge the Racial Divide?

Race and religion, two extremely sensitive touch points in America.

Time Magazine online has an intriguing article about the efforts to bridge the gap between race and religion, Can Megachurches Bridge the Racial Divide?.

What I find most fascinating, and something that I think the writers probably didn't consider, is that they didn't look at the corollary to Willow Creek...a Black megachurch. Some of the biggest churches in America-- Bishop T. D. Jakes' The Potter House in Dallas and Bishop Creflo Dollar's Worldchangers in Atlanta--are predominantly Black. I wonder what type of efforts toward racial reconciliation and what level of integration might be found at one of these?

I truly believe if we ever get this right, so many of the social ills of America, many of which have racial underpinnings, will fall away.

Will Americans ever look beyond race in the sanctuary, much less beyond the church?

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Pastor Tarran Carter said...

I have to read this.... sounds interesting.... keep us posted this is good stuff.

Chicki said...

As a former member of World Changers for thirteen years, I saw more and more Caucasians joining the church as Pastor Dollar received more exposure on the broadcasts they watch - Kenneth Copeland, Richard Roberts, etc.

I don't think the church is making an effort to "recruit" white people, but it had a very welcoming atmosphere toward non-blacks.

PatriciaW said...

I can see how those broadcasts would bring in non-blacks, Chicki. I wonder whether any of the whites would categorize the atmosphere as welcoming, because that's the point, right, how the minority attendees feel?

Chicki said...

I also meant to add that Joel Osteen's church is probably the best example of a more mixed congregation - white, Latino, black.

PatriciaW said...

Agreed. I love when I catch them on TV, just to look at the audience.

Anonymous said...
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Chicki said...

This is the same link I sent you by e-mail, but I also wanted to post it for your readers. Check out this PBS video of a great mixed church. The pastor is one of the former ministers at World Changers: