Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wednesday Worship: Forgiveness

My heart remains heavy in light of the Travyon Martin verdict.  Honestly, I'm both saddened and angry.  Very angry.

I want this verdict to be a beginning, not an end.  A beginning of increased voter participation, increased eye on state legislation, increased civic duty by way of sitting on juries, etc.

I want the nation to go through the pain and agony that it will take to come to terms with its albatross of race relations.

I want to know my boys are safe.


I know what God is calling each and everyone of us who wants five minutes with George Zimmerman to do.  It's called forgiveness.

Forgiveness is hard.

It requires us to let go off our anger.

It requires us to accept the same imperfect humanity in ourselves in others.

It requires love.

I'm not there.  Gotta be honest.  That's the truth.

But this song from Matthew West, Forgiveness, reminds me what I'm called to do:

Don't know how long it will take.  Please be patient with me.

Peace & Blessings,


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