Thursday, January 3, 2013

Worship: I Will Make The Darkness LIght and When Jesus Comes

In 1977, I was 14 years old when a certain album was released.   I wore the grooves off that LP!

I loved the sound, the quality of the singer's voice.  Her range amazed me.  But the words of her songs ministered to my pubescent heart, on the cusp of young womanhood and desperately longing for a real relationship with Jesus.

One of her songs, I Will Make The Darkness Light, popped into my head yesterday as I walked home from my bus.  I could hear every note, every riff, every run, but I couldn't remember her name.

I Googled the song on my phone but kept finding a newer rendition entitled The High Place by LaShun Pace.  Nuh-uh.  I enjoy Ms. Pace, but that's not what my soul longed to hear.

Called my old friend and running buddy, now my sister-in-law.  She remembered the song, but not the rendition I sought.

When I got home, Hubby started Googling.  This thing was going to bother me until I found it.  No luck, but then, minutes before I ran off to an exercise class, I sat down and, using the Google Advanced Search, I found what I sought.

The incomparable Sara Jordan Powell singing I Will Make The Darkness Light:

Here's a second song that I also adored, When Jesus Comes:

These songs encourage me.  They remind me of who Jesus is, what He's capable of, and what He's promised to do.


Peace & Blessings,


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