Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wednesday Worship: Keep Living

Are you living, really living?

I know that some friends have left have you high and dry
And meeting challenges have left you petrified,
But as long as you still have life and breath

You still have something to do for the Savior.
Keep living because after this is the victory!

Keep living
Through your troubles.
Keep living
Through your pain.
Keep living
Through your worries.
Yes, keep living
God will sustain you.

A number of folks have passed away.  Bills remain.  Dreams are dashed.  Day-to-day is a struggle.  Health is a challenge. 

Maybe you simply don't believe in yourself or you doubt God's love and grace in your life or His ability/willingness to bless you as He has blessed others.


Peace & Blessings,


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