Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Featured Book: The Comic Book Bible by Rob Suggs

The Comic Book Bible is a cute and enticing way to present the Scriptures to young children, particularly boys.  If they enjoy reading about Spiderman, the Fantastic Four and other superheros, why not the most super of all heroes, Jesus Christ?

The Scriptures are presented in standard Bible sequence, with each story limited to four pages of comic frames.  This makes it quick and easy to read and digest the story for readers ages 6 - 10.  The nice thing is that even younger readers, like my five-year-old who's just learning sight words, can enjoy the Bible stories and glean the messages from the cartoon depictions.  This is certainly a less intimidating way to introduce them to the Bible than any other translation I've seen.

Because the graphics are a bit cheesy, not many adult fans of comic books will pick this one up, but then the book isn't targeted toward them (and they'll likely get more insight from one of the many Bible translations available today).  This is not a Bible that young readers could take to church to follow along, but it is one that they can use for personal study and yes, entertainment.

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