Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wednesday Worship: That's What He's Done For Me

I heard a song off Israel Houghton's new album called "You Won't Let Go of Me". Gotta find that one, but not yet on Youtube, it seems. So this week, I went with an "oldie but goodie".

This song began ringing in my head during our move this past weekend. Moving always uncovers items you haven't seen in a while and resurrects memories of times past. For us, a tape of the original recording of James Hall & Worship & Praise is one of those things. (Disclosure: Hubby was the executive producer, and what a wonderful recording it was. The only negative is that we didn't shoot any video back in 1993 as we shook the floor at Institutional COGIC in Brooklyn. If you've ever been to Institutional, you know what I mean.)

This song, That's What He's Done For Me, is so simple yet so on point. Every time I hear it, I start thinking of the many ways that God has blessed me and kept me throughout my life. Rather than be maudlin about all the mishap and mayhem I could have been in, I'd rather get with James and the gang--a choir so good they could sing the paint off the walls--and dance and sing my celebration and appreciation.

How about you? Has the Lord done something that gets you out of your seat every time you think about it?

Peace & Blessings,


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