Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Just 3 Things Per Day

I've been thinking about how I compartmentalize my life, which results in me focusing on one or two things for a period of time while other things slip. Then, I focus on a couple of the slipped items, and the original areas start to wane.

When I think about taking care of myself, there are just 3 things I'd like to do every single day.

3 Things I’d Like to Do Each Day For My Well-Being:
  • Fuel my mind, body, and soul by beginning each day with Scripture and exercise
  • Care for my health by making good food choices and keeping hydrated
  • Pursue my dreams by writing
Of course, I have to work, and I will always attend to the needs of my family. These things about caring for me, something I can't always say I've done. But I'm getting better at it.


Are you over 40 and trying to lose weight and get fit? Join the Get Fit After 40 Summer Challenge. I have, but only because I'd set the same goals for myself before I heard about the challenge. This way it's fun, because I'm not alone, and seeing how others do will keep me inspired. Kinda like a virtual Biggest Loser.

Peace & Blessings,

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