Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Neglecting Blog, Neglecting Me

I've been pretty neglectful over here. But that's because I've been neglecting me to a certain extent.

Exercising? Random and rare. Leg muscles still sore after Saturday's 45 min workout. Used to be a piece of cake.

Eating right? Not really. I'm very thankful I haven't put on a boatload of lbs, especially with those daily slices of chocolate cake I've been eating for the last week and a half. I'm still down 20 lbs on the year, and feeling good about that.

Anxious? A little. Lots going on and sometimes when this happens, I get a bit robotic. Doing all the things I'm required to do for everyone else, but not much for myself. Also, on the verge of a breakthrough in one area, and it's so hard to be patient...

Worshipping? Not enough. In fact, God is dealing with me over one of my favorite ways to relax...reading. Not so much what I'm reading but the reading itself. Anything can become a god. Have books become mine?

This happens periodically throughout the year. There's even some pattern, like the beginning or ending of the school year or the year-end holidays. Those are my three major pressure points, I think. I start to miss things, forget things, ignore things...

Time to step back, focus, and get rejuvenated. Think I'll start with that last one, the worship. In doing something about that one, I suspect God will answer the question about books and gods. Just hope it's not the answer I don't want to hear.

Peace & Blessings,


Chicki said...


I'm in the same boat right now. Physically I've been feeling badly, and as a result haven't exercised in a month. Have a doctor's appointment today -- a new one who might help me figure out what's causing the muscle aches.

As far as the reading/idol business, anything can become addictive. Maybe you should do what my sister and I have decided -- we won't read anything until we read the Word in any 24-hour period.

I really have to admire her though. After reading the first in J.R. Ward's BDB series, she loved it so much that when she got the The End, she refused to read any more. When she couldn't put the book down, she realized that she was more concerned about finding out what was happening with Wrath and Beth than she was about what Jesus had to say to her for that day.

PatriciaW said...

That might work for me too, Chicki. But I think God might be calling for more than a 24 hour respite. Right now, I'm just trying to hear what He's saying.

Chicki said...

What I meant was we don't read any other book on any day before we read the Word.